Tuesday, August 30, 2011

San Francisco crowdfunded screening and UC Davis free campus screening!

Super fun stuff is coming into place. We've finished the sound mix and are working on the DVD presently. In the meanwhile, you can see the early release DVD at some exciting upcoming screenings!

Thursday, September 15th in San Francisco! 7:30PM at Opera Plaza Cinema at 601 Van Ness Avenue, followed by a Q&A with the Director and (hopefully) and interview subject. The tickets are $6 and are on sale in advance exclusively through crowdfunding site IndieGoGo. If there are any tickets remaining, we will sell them the day of the event for $8.

Thursday, September 22nd in Davis, CA! 7:00PM in Giedt Hall Room 1002 on the UC Davis Campus. Followed by Q&A with the director. Free!

Be in touch with us via info *at** subjectified D*O*T com if you have any questions or ideas. We're looking for a couple of volunteers to help us with each screening, either just posting flyers/postcards, or helping us set up for the screening. Be in touch!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Organizing: on campus and off

I want to say how impressed I am by the organizing going on at college campuses, and how welcomed I've felt when presenting Subjectified. The presence of Women's Centers, Safe Spaces, and gender equity organizations is immense. I don't remember that presence when I was in college. Could it be that these groups didn't have the same prominence a decade ago, or that I was just on a very un-organized campus? The things I was working on weren't focused primarily on feminism at the time, either, so maybe I was just unaware.

We have a few great events in the pipeline, but I don't want to announce them until they're finalized. If you are in New Haven, San Diego, Tucscon, Davis/Sacramento, Providence, or NYC, I want to hear from you! We have events that are almost possible in these locations, and will become totally possible with a little more help on the ground.

I'm excited about organizing a screening with Megan Andelloux of Oh, Megan! Megan's amazing attitude has helped her build The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Pawtucket, RI, from the ground up. Think of it as a sex ed center for adults. Hopefully we will work on an event together this spring.

In the meanwhile, join us in Providence at Brown University on Wednesday, March 23rd! Details to follow.

The screening at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health has been rescheduled to Wednesday, April 6th. Hopefully no blizzards will stop us this time. Please be in touch if you'd like to come. The event is open to the public on a limited basis.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review from Jennifer Baumgardner!

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the support of some awesome feminists. What are you feeling grateful for? Gratitude is contagious... comment below to share!

"This culture is long on lamenting the sexualization of women and girls, but short on actually listening to women and girls talk about their own experiences with sex, being sexy, and sexuality. Melissa Tapper Goldman's Subjectified says that women don't want to be reduced to their sexuality, but they don't want to have to deny it, either. This is feminist storytelling--and it is powerful."
--Jennifer Baumgardner, creator of the I Had an Abortion Project and author of Look Both Ways: Girls and Sex, Manifesta, and Abortion & Life.

Friday, November 12, 2010

From the road

I just wrapped up an incredible trip to Bowdoin College.

It is always amazing to get on a plane in the hecticness of New York, surrounded by buildings and asphalt, and find myself amid green trees and just an hour later. Maine is incredible.

Bowdoin was super welcoming and I had a chance to meet Leah Pepe, the student organizer for Safe Space, a campus organization dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual violence, and Melissa Quinby, the Director of the Women's Resource Center. Both groups helped to bring Subjectified to campus.

The Bowdoin newspaper did a story on Subjectified as well. Very cool! You can read it here. It's always interesting to read other people's perspectives on Subjectified, and always strange to read my own quotes. I need to work on speaking grammatically in conversation! Recently, quite a few people have asked me what I personally learned in the process of making the doc and how it affected me. That is good food for thought. I can't quite know the answer yet because the process is not yet over. The succinct answer is what I told the Bowdoin Orient writer, Quinn Cohane "'I feel much freer to express myself, and that's been really useful in my personal life and the way I relate to other people,' said Goldman. 'I had to confront things I was uncomfortable with head on, things I didn't even realize I was uncomfortable with.'"

The longer answer is more complicated. I can honesty say that every single one of these interviews changed me and made me recognize something in myself that I had never acknowledged or understood. It's not too useful for me to speak in these sweeping generalities, so I will come up with some specific examples. More on this later.

In the meanwhile, this shooting/screening trip continues. I'll be in the southwest for a few days and eventually up to UC Berkeley for the event on Thursday! All are welcome: 145 Dwinelle Hall at 7PM on 11/18.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Screenings full steam ahead!

It's been eventful over here as I'm trying to finish up post-production (and even a little bit of production! More on that later), while moving forward with lots of campus screenings using the existing version of Subjectified. I've also been taking care of business and legal stuff, which is less fun but also very important.

Upcoming events!
I am very excited to be doing screenings and discussions at Bowdoin College in Maine (11/10) and at UC Berkeley (11/18). I am also working on another mystery screening in January! Stay in touch for details....

Other big news
I am super excited to be working with John Weston of Futura Productions on our sound mix. John is an awesome guy and has been terrific to work with so far. It's so heartening to know that we have the support of men as well as women on this project! John will help to refine the rough edges of this DIY project.

I am working in parallel to John to refine the video components. All the money that I didn't have to start this project translated into my using very basic equipment, which is translating into a lot of time on the back end, fixing things. I had no idea that I'd get so far with Subjectified that day when I walked into the electronics store and looked for the cheapest digital video camera with a mic input... Five years and thousands of hours of work later, I am very close to a final product that (hopefully) does justice to the incredible bravery of the women who told their stories on my camera!

There is other news to do with the final push for production/post-production, but that will have to be another blog post. More content soon, I promise.

Recent events!
We've had some really successful events recently, including a screening and Q&A at Lesley University, and a screening and fascinating discussion at Moishe/Kavod House in Brookline, MA, put together by their Sex Ed Team. The Moishe/Kavod Sex Ed Team does young adult sex ed at their social justice community center. The discussion was facilitated by Bonnie Solomon and Mimi Arbeit of the blog Sex Ed Transforms.

Daphne Strassmann wrote a very stimulating blog post through the Lesley Women's Center about Subjectified and the culture of oversharing. (She doesn't think that Subjectified is part of the oversharing problem, by the way!) I really appreciated her insights. It helps that she loves the project! She did a fantastic job putting together the event at Lesley and really going to bat for Subjectified.

I also had the pleasure to show an excerpt from the doc at Dr. Amy Rutstein-Riley's course on Women in Culture and Society, and to conduct a discussion with the class. You can see photos on facebook through the Lesley Women's Center. It's so fun and refreshing to encounter young women grappling with these ideas, sometimes for the first time. I wish they could be more involved with the project. By the way, if you are reading this and you want to get involved, I could totally use the help! Be in touch.


Monday, July 26, 2010

News, slowly but surely

It has been a busy few months for me, mostly with things totally outside of Subjectified. I needed some time to finish grad school, among other exciting projects. Now I'm back full-time. The news right now is not so interesting for those watching from the outside, but I'm focusing on important long-term ventures in terms of creative ways to distribute the project and some final issues with post-production.

It looks like we will have another public screening in the Boston area in the fall! More to come on this. I'd love to expand beyond our many tremendous opportunities in Boston, so please be in touch if you want to see Subjectified screened elsewhere.

Anyway, don't let the radio silence fool you, we have lots of good stuff in the works. I just have to go underground for a little while to make it happen!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upcoming: Boston and Wellesley

We are getting excited for the Boston International Film Festival screening on Saturday, April 24th! We will have a party afterwards- check in for details. Please contact us if you can help put posters around Boston before the event Also, we have another exciting event coming up soon in the Boston area.

Wellesley students and Wellesley-area people: come see Subjectified at Wellesley College, followed by a Q&A with the director! Wednesday, May 5th at 7PM in Collins Cinema. For non-Wellesley affiliates, suggested donation of $5 for students and $10 others. Sponsored by the Wellesley Sexual Health Educators.

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